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Open e-mail to Iranian president - Otvorený e-mail iránskemu prezidentovi

28. 6. 2009

Dear Mr. president Ing. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,


I believe, that Iran is an civilation´s country. Mayby our opinions on democracy and on religion (I am christian, but one of my girlfriend was moslim) are rather different.

I made repeat control in election in our country - Slovakia. I don´t believe, that election can by falsed in great extent.

Nobody of European or American journalist, nobody of Slovak, Czech, U.S. or British Embassy in Teheran, NOBODY of Iran oposition didn´t send me the election law in Iran. From Slovak Embassy were writing me, that they haven´t this law. And, that web is blocked by Iran Governement. But I´ve seen, that blocked was by oposition website of Iranian president and others. I protested public thereagainst.

Dear president,

send me, please Iranian law for president election in English language. Thank you very much in advance. I wish you much good gifts from our sole merciful Maker. With best wishes.


Ing. Karol Nagy, Kukucinova 12, 974 01 Banska Bystrica, Slovak republic, Europe Union,


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